Deciding to Be Happy

Many members of our spiritual community enjoyed a wonderful gathering yesterday afternoon and evening, thanks to Cliff and Loree Oberle-Edwards.  We visited, ate, and some people stayed late to watch fireworks, in the Bay Park area of San Diego.

The weather in San Diego near the coast is still what many people call “June gloom.”  We often have “May gray” and “June gloom” (low clouds and fog in the morning, which sometimes clears in the afternoon but often doesn’t), followed by “July fry.”  I have to say it was a little cool yesterday afternoon, because there was a little bit of a breeze–probably in the low 60’s. 

Most of us wished it was sunny and a little warmer.  But did it keep us from having a great time together?  Certainly not.  Because we remembered the people who don’t live in San Diego who, not to rub it in, have high heat and humidity for the Fourth.  And because we remembered that enjoyment and happiness is always a moment-by-moment choice. 

What keeps us out of happiness?  Dwelling in the past does–anger, hurt and resentment that needs to be healed and released does us no good, and prevents us from being in peace and happy-ness in the moment. 

Worry about the future does–when we allow ourselves to remember that we never walk alone and are always divinely guided and protected, we can comfortably consciously stay in the present moment.

 I am attending a dear friend’s birthday party later this morning, and then there is a Golden Girls‘ marathon on the Hallmark Channel the rest of the day–what is better than that?  Whatever you are doing today, even if you have to go to work, I invite you to join me in the experience of happiness.  It is always our choice.

What different does it make?  When we choose happiness, we find more things to be happy about.  When we are cranky, we find more things to be cranky about.  What we focus on expands.  Remember that “I can have peace instead of this.”

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