How Did We Do Today?

You may be reading this message in the evening, after a busy day of work, chores, errands, etc.

So how did you do today?  Were you successful?  Did you accomplish what you should have?

So often we look for acceptance and approval outside ourselves.  We don’t believe we look good unless or until someone (or 50 someones) compliment us.  We don’t acknowledge our expertise at work until we have a review from our supervisor that tells us we have done a good job.

The truth is that the only evaluation related to our “performance” today that matters is our own.  In our spiritual practice in the evening, it is so important to honor us for not only what we did today, but also who we are.  If we finished everything on our “to-do” list for today, that’s great.  If not, as Scarlett O’Hara said, “tomorrow is another day.”  We did all we could, the best we could.

There are so many people waiting for approval and validation from other people.  Instead of waiting, we can remember that we are “respected, requested, richly rewarded experts in our field.”  That applies whether our “field” is in the business world, or not outside the home. 

Unless and until we honor and appreciate ourselves, we will not receive approval from others.  And unless we believe we deserve the accolades, nothing anyone else says will make any difference anyway.

We deserve the honor and respect just because of who we are, the beloved of God.  So tonight, I invite you to acknowledge yourself for this day, no matter what happened.

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