I Dare You!

In the wonderful book, A New Way to Be Human, Robert V. Taylor writes about “risky invitations.”  He says, “Risky invitations interrupt the imagined or assumed course of your life, raising the stakes right where you struggle the most.  Responding to these invitations takes you beyond your comfort zone, inviting transformation and an enlarged understanding of yourself, others, and the Holy.  The perceived risk compared to what you imagine to be certain may tempt you to decline the invitation.  Don’t say no just yet!”

What risky invitations are in my life today?  The invitations, appearing as divine discontent or an idea from my imagination reminding that I don’t have to do this anymore (whatever this is, if it does not bring me joy), might be to finally change my story about a past experience, or forgive, or stop settling.

It might also be about releasing excuses for “playing small” in my financial life, my relationships, or other areas of my life.

Click on the link to listen to my talk from last Sunday, titled “I Dare You!  Saying Yes to Risky Invitations.”

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