Moving from Grief to Grace

“The winds of grace are always blowing; it is up to us to raise our sails.”

—Sri Ramakrishna, 19th Century Indian saint

If you were with me on Sunday, you remember that we talked about moving from grief to grace.
“Grief” sounds like a reaction to a dear one’s passing, but I believe there is more to it than that. Any change in our lives has the potential to bring us grief. A health challenge, change in a job situation, the dynamics of a relationship moving to a different level, all can bring us grief.

In this teaching that we call Religious Science or New Thought, we recognize that the truth of us is that we are always whole, complete and perfect. But on our path, the facts of us may be that we experience loss, transition and grief. When we do, we must allow ourselves to feel what we feel, without judgment. As we do, we can keep moving, through the steps of grief, including anger and denial. As we take care of ourselves, we can move from grief to grace.

We experience grace in the quiet reminding that we never walk alone, and that we are safe. Wayne Muller said that “within sorrow is grace. When we come close to those things that break us down, we touch those things that also break us open. And in that breaking open, we uncover our true nature.”

Our true nature is the essence and expression of God. Whether we call it Spirit, The Universe, our Higher Power, or whatever, It is the loving, nurturing presence that is always with us. And the moment we allow ourselves to remember that, “the winds of grace” allow us to move forward.

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