Moving To A New State

We’ve been using Charles Fillmore’s book, The Twelve Powers of Man, for the year.  Our power (or gift) for the month of June is imagination.

Our book for my Wednesday night class is The Neville Reader by Neville Goddard.  He talks about imagination, as well as the feeling behind it.  “To attempt to change circumstances before you change your imaginal activity, is to struggle against the very nature of things.  Imagining the wish fulfilled brings about a union with that state, and during that union you behave in keeping with your imaginal change…Whenever one state grows so stable as to become your constant mood, your habitual attitude, then that habitual state defines your character and is a true transformation.”

In other words, again quoting Neville:  “Whatever state has your attention holds your life.”

In what state do we reside?  Worry, fear, dread, resentment?  Or wonder and absolute certainty that the good we have imagined (and even greater) is coming to us?

Click on the link to listen to my talk, “How Do You Feel?” (or moving to a new state…).

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