My View of the World

In the book Love and Logic,  there is the story of two people talking, which ended with the incredibly insightful statement, “you have taken your first step away from the limitations forced upon you by the certainty of being right.”

This really touched me.  How often do stand in my truth about people, places, things and events, like my feet are frozen in cement, offering no opportunity for another point of view?  My experience of all those human adventures is just my experience.  What if there were another way to look at it?  What if I don’t have all the facts, even though I assume I do?

You probably know where brussel sprouts and dark chocolate fit on my list of pleasures — nasty and wonderful, respectively.  BUT there are people who love brussel sprouts–there must be, because someone is still growing them.  And there are people who don’t care for chocolate.  I so don’t understand that, but I don’t need to.

The point is that my view of people, places and things is only MY view.  What if there were a different view? What if I could step back from whatever it is, away from judgment, and acknowledge that whatever it is, just IS.  If two people went to the same movie, one person could label it as wonderful, while the other person awful.  Which one is right?  Both and neither.  The way each person rates the movie is only true for them, not necessarily for someone else.

A Course in Miracles states that we can always “choose to be right, or choose to be happy.”  Stubbornly standing in our opinion, without allowing another perspective to even be considered, may very well make us feel right.  But wouldn’t we rather be happy?

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