Rolling the Stone Away–For Good!

When was the last time you met someone named Judas?  I’ll bet never.

As you remember in the story of the crucifixion of Jesus, Judas was the guy who betrayed Jesus by pointing him out to the soldiers.  He became the most hated man in Christian history.  He was depicted as treacherous, greedy, thieving, to be despised by all righteous people.

But what if there was a different story?  What if Judas was a saintly and righteous man, carrying out the command and mission of Jesus at a risk to his own life and reputation?

What if there is a different story in our experiences?  Are we open to the possibility that what happened had to happen for our growth?  Can we begin to see that there is a bigger picture?

Often, our feelings of resentment, guilt and shame (often as a result of “betraying” ourselves) can be the stone that, like on Easter, is waiting to be rolled away in order to express and experience all the good Life has for us.

Click on the link to listen to my talk from Easter Sunday.

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