The Power of Decision

Imagine the experience of going out for dinner.  You’ve looked at the menu, and looked at the menu, and looked at the menu.  But you just can’t decide what to choose.  So when the server comes back, and it is your turn, you respond, “just bring me something you think I’d like.”

So it is with Life.  Do we recognize that we are creating our experience every day, and so consciously choose our thoughts and words, or do we bounce along on the waves of life, just wishing and hoping for the best?

In the wonderful book The Power of Decision, Raymond Charles Barker says, “Decision is the most important function of the individual mind.  No creative process can begin until a decision is made…Having made the decision, every right idea will flow into my consciousness…The creative process awaits your decision and your calm acceptance of the necessary work on your part following the decision.”

Click on the link to listen to my talk, “The Power of Decision.”

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