Heart and Mind Opening Experience

The Search for Inner Peace: Being At Home in Muddy Water


There is a Zen saying that states, “May we exist like a lotus, at home in muddy water.  Thus we bow to life as it is.”


New Thought (Unity, Religious Science, Science of Mind, Divine Science) teaches us that all is well, that we should stay positive, that everything is in Divine order, and to see the good in everything.


And that is the truth.  But we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  What happens when something happens? 


Do we deny our feelings of grief, anger, hurt and resentment?


Do we get stuck in “toxic positivity” and “spiritual bypass”?  Do we “should” on ourselves?


Do we allow ourselves to include all of our feelings and emotions in our life experiences?


Do we postpone joy, and the feelings of “home” until everything is “perfect”?


Rev. Jerry’s 90 minute workshop is a heart and mind opening experience, offering participants the opportunity to “feel it so they can heal it.”  He is also available to present the Sunday talk before the workshop, based on the same topic, or tailored to the congregation’s monthly theme.

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